EDR Protects High-Level Executives and Officers Against Personal Claims for Managerial Negligence. (7)

In a world where cybersecurity has become an inescapable necessity, it is vital that every company asks themselves: Are we prepared? Are we protected against current challenges? What cybersecurity products do we need? Recently, the cybersecurity company Fortinet published a troubling report that revealed more than one billion cyber-attack attempts occurred in just six months in Puerto Rico. This is not just a statistic; it is a call to action for all companies seeking to protect their assets and the trust of their customers.  

 The following solution is making a difference for WorldNet customers and business partners in the fight against cyber threats: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Imagine having a true cybersecurity “superhero” at your disposal. EDR is just that, a layer of advanced protection that responds to sophisticated cyber-attacks such as ransomware and zero-day attacks. How does EDR do it? It operates at the very heart of the operative system, using the power of automatic learning and artificial intelligence to analyze equipment behavior and take immediate action against any suspicious activity, without the need for human intervention. This is what is known as Machine Learning.  

I’d like to share a crucial fact, insurance companies across various industries already recognize the value of EDR.  Some of them require corporations to have this solution in place as a prerequisite for approving corporate insurance policies. 

This not only proves its effectiveness but also reflects the growing importance of having a strong defense in today’s digital world. Still wondering if EDR is the right choice for your business? According to industry experts, there is no more advanced and effective option when it comes to protecting computers and servers against the most sophisticated cybersecurity threats. This makes EDR a vital part of any cybersecurity strategy.  

At WorldNet, we are a Fortinet-certified MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) partner, which means we are committed to help enterprises and business partners effectively implement and manage this valuable layer of security. Don’t leave your company vulnerable in this dangerous cybernetic environment. Your business’ protection and the trust of your customers depend on it. Are you ready to take proactive steps to protect your company’s data? Contact us today and discover how EDR can be your best ally in the battle against cybersecurity attacks. Every business deserves to be safe and prepared. 

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