WorldNet Cloud Direct

Typical solutions require employees to do more with less, lower prices and more technology expenses without a clear alignment with corporate strategy. However, these solutions fail because they lack the business strategy, they are not scalable and they damage other areas of the business.

A better Strategy

WorldNet offers a full spectrum of Cloud services to help you:
  • Increase your competitiveness when entering new markets
  • Achieve more efficiency when doing business
  • Improve your productivity without the need to add personnel
All these opportunities tied to cloud computing translate into business growth and an increase in profits for the companies that use them.

Business challenges

Many companies do not grow as fast as they could because they are not integrating or maximizing the technology available today. The main challenges these companies are facing include:
  • Achieving increases in your income and earnings
  • Creating and maintaining your competitive advantage
  • Providing a high quality experience to the consumer, in a sustainable manner


Low costs for growth
Access to a greater number of resources
Scalability on demand
Direct access to your data
Pay according to your use

WorldNet Cloud Direct℠ Services

Business continuity
Hosted Exchange
Web Hosting
Virtual servers
Hosted PBX