The Internet service that adapts and adjusts EXACTLY to your needs.

Gone are the days of having to accept services with too few or too many offerings. With WorldNet’s FIBER-FIT, you and your small or medium business decide what you need from now on.

What does FIBER-FIT bring to your business?

  • Continuous and reliable connectivity service that even the largest companies rely on.   
  • It allows you to combine the features of your choice, so you can have your own FIBER-Fit Business Package:
    • Internet speed of up to 1G
    • Voice services
    • PBX
    • Automatic call answering
    • Voicemail
    • Cybersecurity 
    • LAN management
    • Wi-Fi router
    • IT consultants ready to assist you, ensuring optimal information system operations.
  • Which FIBER-FIT package fits your business perfectly?  Count on our WorldNet consultants to help facilitate your selection. We’ll make sure you get the ideal package for your business size and needs.Call us at 787-705-9000.


Sujeto a validación de facilidades de fibra óptica y costos de construcción. Requiere contrato de 36 meses. Oferta válida para clientes nuevos y/o renovaciones.