Technology that drives the growth of the education sector

Today’s technological advances provide unparalleled possibilities for higher education institutions seeking growth opportunities. Online courses, student recruitment, academic research, talent management, administration and marketing are just some of the business functions that benefit from a solid institutional strategy that counts on what technology offers.

What does it mean to be relevant to 21st century education?

Colleges and universities with the right technology and educational solutions have more opportunities to be relevant to students, academics, researchers and the community at large. In turn, they are more successful in achieving their business development goals, while catering to the needs of new educational scenarios.

When institutions strategically integrate information technology, telecommunications and the Cloud, leaders in the field of higher education are able to handle mission critical processes and still create a competitive advantage in their field. From protecting and leveraging proprietary information, to redefining the classroom with up-to-date technology, there is much that information technology (IT) can do for higher education.


Technology in the educational field is no longer limited to teams, but extends to issues of accessibility and collaboration. WorldNet can be part of the technological evolution of your institution, providing the adequate infrastructure, solutions and consulting of our experts so that your organization is successful – today and in the future.

our five specialty areas in the
field of education

WorldNet Security Solutions
Telecommunications and Cloud Solutions
Consulting and infrastructure for IT
Business Intelligence
WorldNet Advanced Education Program
(exclusive for institutions of higher education)

Experts from various industries agree on the need for the education system to be better aligned with practical skills and work skills. This is particularly true in the field of telecommunications. In response, WorldNet has launched its Advanced Education Program. This program reconditions existing telecommunication laboratories in different universities, so that students have practical experiences with the latest generation equipment – facilitating an experiential learning for higher level competitions.

  • Through this experiential learning, students have first-hand access to telecommunications solutions, security, network management and other topics for which IT employees tend to train once they are hired by companies.
  • Students participate in real life simulations and make decisions based on detailed analysis, just as they will when they become professionals. Thus, students polish the skills they will use in the real world.
  • The participating institutions benefit from the program with:
    • Improved educational, investigative and immersion activities
      Faculty and student body are involved in local and state affairs
    • Oportunidades para expandir los recursos del recinto
    • Opportunities to expand the resources of the site
    • Positive relationships with the community
    • Increase in student retention rates

Student’s Opportunities

Participating students have the opportunity to develop products and test them against the demands and needs of the industry. Engineering experts become mentors to students and help them with their projects.
WorldNet employees and customers can also help students with the processes of producing, testing, marketing, financing and distributing products or solutions that are viable in the market.