Achieve More By Always Staying Connected

Current economy conditions demand from businesses to leverage technology in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Apart of being convenient in terms of operations, it is crucial to focus technology investment on maximizing team’s capacity to produce more effectively. KIUMI, WorldNet’s most recent unified communications solution, is designed with that purpose in mind so the [...]

March, 2017|

Unified Communications: From Novelty to Standard Business Procedure

To keep their telecommunication services up to date, organizations must evolve to unified communications. The term ‘unified communications’ refers to a group of functionalities that, when combined, maximizes all of an organization’s telecommunications services. This approach is here to stay. The advantages of unified communications become evident in a world in constant evolution. In times [...]

March, 2017|

KIUMI: Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere

Today’s organizations can remain constantly connected, accessible and available for its clients, thanks to the evolution of unified communication systems. This is no longer an exclusive feature of big companies with large telecommunication budgets, as there is a wider variety of these systems in different ranges -- many of them stored in the cloud. KIUMI, [...]

February, 2017|

How to Avoid Issues with Your Telecom Service

Prevention at the Tip of your Fingers  As with everything in life, telecommunication services (internet, voice, cloud, and data) are subject to disruptions, inconveniences and breakdowns. Such circumstances can have a substantial impact on an organization's cost effectiveness and its daily operations. Good news: most glitches can be prevented with simple measures available to business [...]

October, 2016|

Four key components and intangible benefits that need to be considered when choosing a technology services provider

Once you know the technical aspects that determine your telecommunication needs, it’s critical to choose a provider that will help you identify the right solution to advance your business goals. Your provider should be working with you to determine what's right for your business. You need a technology provider that delivers highly reliable service, a [...]

September, 2016|

Four voice equipment categories to consider appropriate for your business

Upgrading your company’s voice equipment can bring great advantages. However, the more options, features and capabilities available, the more critical it becomes to truly understand your business needs. Companies can’t afford to lose phone service, that’s why it’s imperative to choose a service provider with proven track record and expertise in network design, migration and integration. The following categories summarizes the most important characteristics to consider when choosing a telecommunications solution.

September, 2016|

Three primary transport choices according to your business needs

Besides calculating the TCO, there are other important decisions you need to make before you acquire a telecommunications solution, those are related to the data and voice transport choices available in the market. Transport is the technology that sends and receives the voice and data, including Internet traffic, between your office and the outside world. [...]

August, 2016|

Four key aspects to help you evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a telecommunications solution:

1. IDENTIFY THE DIRECT AND INDIRECT COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE SOLUTION The total cost of a solution can be divided into two categories: direct (such as: equipment, implementation and software licenses), and indirect (such as: user support service, software upgrades, man-hours for issue resolution, implementation timeframes and losses caused by cutting corners). It may be [...]

August, 2016|

Cómo evitar complicaciones en su servicio de telecomunicaciones

Prevención al alcance de sus manos Como todo en la vida, los servicios de telecomunicaciones (Voz, Data, Internet y Cloud) pueden sufrir averías, inconvenientes y contratiempos. Lamentablemente, estas situaciones tienen un impacto sustancial en la rentabilidad de una organización y en su operación diaria. La buena noticia es que muchos de estos inconvenientes se pueden [...]

June, 2016|

WorldNet conecta su escuela con el mundo

Cada día es más evidente la necesidad de que las escuelas, colegios y bibliotecas sean portales hacia el conocimiento globalizado -- no solo por lo que se enseña en ellas, sino por la oportunidad que dan a los estudiantes para conectarse con otras fuentes de conocimiento, otras comunidades y con posibilidades ilimitadas de aprendizaje. El [...]

April, 2016|