Jobs Opportunities

WorldNet seeks for the best talent in the industry, for its commitment to long-lasting relationships, technological innovation and community-based values. To see  jobs available and apply online click below:
Develop and nurture relationships (with our clients, between us and with our community) that foster prosperity, through technological solutions and by living our values. At WorldNet we believe that our work goes beyond providing telecommunication services; we really see ourselves as our clients’ technological partners.
Prosperity from kindness in action. We aspire to build productive and lasting relationships with our employees, our customers and the community. To achieve this, we have the support of talented and kind employees who are dedicated to making our mission and vision a reality.
We encourage innovation, creativity and personal initiative. Our employees know that achieving results is up to them. Our goal is to promote an atmosphere of motivation in which our people feel challenged to always offer the best of themselves to their colleagues, clients and the community.
WorldNet’s work environment is results-oriented; it demands a lot from the employee but at the same time it is very rewarding. We value leadership, integrity, a sense of urgency, attention to detail and passion in our interactions with customers.

Our Values


Honesty, fairness and ethics guide our behavior in all our relationships-with clients, suppliers, the community and with colleagues


Our business is sustained by our relationships with all stakeholders: we connect with your needs because doing the right thing is more important than achieving any sale. We promote an welcoming atmosphere of kindness in which employees are encouraged to think as a team instead of as individuals. More than a single sale, we want to nurture lasting relationships with customers, peers, suppliers and the entire community.


As leaders in this industry, we set an example. Our employees always work with the highest levels of excellence in mind. We pay attention to details and every day we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients; something that we can achieve thanks to our precision, our continuous improvement practices and the responsibility that we put into what we do.


Success is not defined by individual effort, but by the contribution of a team that works together to find solutions. Our ultimate goal is to support each other and to function as a single team to achieve WorldNet objectives and exceed customer expectations.


We understand that telecommunications are critical for our clients’ businesses, so our team is prepared and committed to meet your needs quickly, accurately and within the established timeframe.

Our Compensation and Benefits philosophy

The work and dedication of our talent are the driving force behind our success, and we continually seek for ways to reward them. Our rewards and recognition strategy is designed to attract, motivate and retain a committed work force, while promoting the sustained achievement of our business objectives.

We provide employees with compensation elements that meet their
 personal and work goals

• Health insurance plan
• 401k savings plan
• Short-term disability (SINOT)
• Life insurance

• Insurance for accidental death or dismemberment
• Long-term disability
• Reimbursement for extended care or summer camp
• Bereavement Leave

• Birthday day off
• Christmas Bonus
• Paternity leave