High Speed Internet

High-speed internet connectivity is essential your business’s growth. The applications available today require both flexible bandwidth and high availability to operate at their optimum level. WorldNet offers fast and reliable internet services that give you global access to online and network applications.
High Speed Internet – DSL
Internet through the use of the traditional telephone line, transmitting the digital information in an analog way through the cable of symmetric copper pairs.

Internet Dedicated Services:
• EFM (Ethernet Over Copper)
• T-1
• Dedicated wireless service
•High capacity internet service through fiber

Wireless USB (mobility)
WorldNet Mobility provides personal and individual connection to the Internet through a compact and private modem that connects you anywhere and at any time.

The high reliability security in our network, along with our in-house experience provide 24/7 monitoring, administration services and technical support.

This allows your applications and your business to run faster with higher speed and no concerns.

Updated Network
Upgraded communications and networking
Faster Interconnection
Better and faster interconnection between business locations
Better Experience
Improved customer experience
Maximize Technology
Leverage your existing technology