Voice Service

Maximize your business productivity with WorldNet Voice solutions. From digital phone services to integrated communications, WorldNet offers superior quality voice services with dedicated support and attention to the everchanging customers’ needs.
Líneas comerciales / Commercial lines
Commercial telephone lines with advanced features such as: audio conference, 3-way call, automatic response.
Unified message system that improves collaboration and efficiency.
Digital telephone services – including SIP trunk lines and Integrated Services Digital Network.
  • Better interactions by combining several telecommunications services through Unified Communications.
  • IP phones for organizations of all sizes, from startups to the largest enterprises.
  • Monthly subsidy to cover access and/or rental charges. Learn more >

WorldNet is proud to have the only 100% digital Voice over IP (VoIP) network in Puerto Rico – designed to provide multiple services simultaneously from a single platform.

Faster and Reliable
Integrated services digital network (ISDN) for faster and more reliable communication.
VoIP Network
Digital Voice over IP (VoIP) network that provides multiple services in a single platform.
Advanced Functions
Advanced functions - with access to a wide range of voice functions to maximize your calls.