Productivity and remote work with the right technology

Productivity and remote work with the right technology

Through WorldNet, you can purchase for your home or business; a variety of DELL Technologies products to help you be more productive. Laptops (PC), docking stations, keyboards, mouse, monitors, and Enterprise products for the storage and security of your home or company’s data are accessible to our clients and business partners.

During 2020 the way we work changed dramatically, and remote work became a normal process that we moved into our homes. One of the most important aspects, is having a space that works as an office and helps us be productive. After setting up a workplace in your home, you should make sure you have a good, fixed broadband or Wi-Fi connection, such as the one offered by WorldNet. To increase productivity, you will need appropriate and innovative technology such as the one provided by our business partner DELL Technologies, which you can purchase through WorldNet.

A recent DELL Technologies study, which examined the effectiveness of remote working, identified a positive increase in productivity when the appropriate additional devices are integrated into your laptop (PC).

Some examples of increasing productivity are:

  • Laptop + wireless keyboard and mouse – 25.8%
  • Laptop + keyboard, mouse and 24” monitor -32.0%
  • Laptop + keyboard, mouse and 27” monitor – 37.7%
  • Laptop + keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors of 24”- 39.0%
  • Laptop + keyboard, mouse and 34” monitor – 42.0%

DELL Technologies Latitude family PCs are cleverly redesigned, with an advanced user authentication feature. Latitude computers are powered by Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro ™ processors. With features like DELL ExpressSign-in, ExpressCharge, and ExpressResponse, you can get up and running faster, connect instantly, and stay productive longer.

Speaking about Docking Stations is equivalent to being able to integrate a complete remote ecosystem that helps to be more flexible in connecting solutions for remote work. Some benefits of DELL Technologies Type C workstations are single cable access to power that will bring the display and peripherals to life. You will be able to connect multiple displays, transfer data faster up to 10gbps, and connect all your devices. Also, the type-c USB power supply supports up to 130 watts for your laptop and peripherals.

Purchasing the correct monitor will provide you with a sharp computing experience with vivid colors and considerably improve your productivity. In a limited home office space, dual monitors may not be practical, but they allow you to get more done. Award-winning monitors from DELL Technologies; are designed to fit any setting. They offer a highly reliable design and have comprehensive productivity features to increase efficiency.

Investing in a good wireless keyboard and mouse from DELL Technologies can do wonders for your remote workspace. These devices also being more versatile than the options built into your laptop and are usually more comfortable. The elegant presentation, the right size, the contemporary style of both devices offers a great advantage.

For more information about the DELL Technologies products, you can purchase through WorldNet, call 787.705.9000.  To learn more about all the options, you can also refer to the attached documents from our Dell Business Partner.


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