Staying current and competitive in business often means re-evaluating technologies and businesssolutions. Companies wanting field-tested experts to manage their technology deployment turn to WorldNet IT Consultants. Our technicians provide the expertise and experience in integrated solutions to get the job done right.

WorldNet combines longstanding technology and telecommunication industry expertise with deep knowledge of the local market and its needs, allowing us to assist our clients with practical support and actionable strategy.

We provide IT solutions to companies of all sizes. As business owners as well as technology experts, we are able to offer the strategic and tactical guidance to meet your specific goals and objectives.

What we offer:

  • Collaborative change management
  • Strategic organizational leadership
  • The most current knowledge of the business
  • Excellence in running IT like a business
  • First class accountability and reporting
  • Reliable IT planning and development
  • Adaptable and expert Business Continuity and Risk Management
  • One-stop shop for IT solutions transformations
  • Availability of reliable and highly trained IT resources
  • Expert IT technical services

WorldNet IT Consulting Plans:

WorldNet IT Consulting offers a variety of packages designed for businesses needing advice and support for specific project or initiatives. Contact our experts to provide on-going consulting for your IT projects.

IT Management Packages
Plan Features Remote On-Demand Support Support Local On-Demmand Support Group Monthly Fixed Paid Consulting Support IT Resource Group Monthly Fixed Paid Support Top Organization Databases & Administration Per Hour On Demand
Information Technologies LAN Desktop Support
Desktop operational hardware support
Station desktop operating system (O.S.) support
Station desktop antivirus support
Station desktop personal firewall support
Station desktop applications & Internet explorer support
Station desktop hard disk storage support
Station desktop network & cards support
Information Technologies – LAN Printer Support
Printer operational hardware support
Printer connectivity support
Information Technologies – LAN Network Support
Network and Internet operating system
Network infrastructure operation including data cabling, hubs, switches & routers
Network operation WINS, DHCP, DNS & active directory domain servers
Network operational safety of firewalls, regulations, business continuity analysis, disaster recovery analysis and compliances
Information Technologies – LAN Servers Support
Active directory administration, domain administration & domain group policies administration.
Servers domain NTFS permissions, NTFS rights and domain organizational units administration
Information Technologies – Advance Support
Network and domain security and intrusion detection support
Network advance traffic analysis, packet decoding, conflict detection and network optimization
Information Technologies – Database Support
SQL databases, tables, relations, custom applications, including programming support
SQL databases & DB applications licenses
Information Technologies – Corporate Organization or Administration Support
I.T. department, area, group administration analysis or reorganization support including, but not limited to, policies, procedures, rules and regulations
Corporate technologies operation, reorganization, subcontracting control, coordination, assessments for high administration needs including “C” & “D” levels reports (support leveraging technologies into business success)