Virtual Servers

Reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of your business with virtual technologies.

Operational capabilities

For a company’s success, it is essential to keep information technology systems running, as well as provide reliable and continuous access to applications that are critical to the business. The technological evolution and the rapid increase in the volume of data are taking the obsolete IT infrastructure to its limits, as they demand more bandwidth, greater security and better availability without increasing costs. Virtual servers can help a company to:

  • Reduce Costs:  Organizations can reduce the cost of operations by consolidating equipment, simplifying task management, and reducing complex processes.
  • Greater speed in service:  Allows a faster service in offering, custom orders and expansions.
  • Increase efficiency:  The use of virtual servers supports the standardization of companies, which ensures a more agile and efficient IT department that better meets the needs of the business.

Business Challenges

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to increase their profit margins and their competitive advantage. However, managing business growth can be a big challenge. Companies that manage to overcome these challenges and effectively use virtual technologies increase the productivity of their employees, the satisfaction of their customers and their profits.

WorldNet Virtual servers

By using the latest technology in our Cloud service, the WorldNet Cloud Direct℠ platform offers a complete solution for virtual computing services that meets the business and operational needs of your organization. Our complete solution includes:

  • Robust infrastructure: Our cloud server infrastructure allows companies to save space by consolidating and redundant equipment, without having to buy additional machinery.
  • Variety of available resources: They are located in the data center and can be managed remotely from smartphones and tablets.
  • Total system recovery: WorldNet virtual servers include a business continuity solution to ensure the security of your data, using advanced recovery tools to minimize downtime.


Zero capital investment or maintenance costs.
Additional security thanks to virtualization.
Dynamic growth as use increases.