Hosted PBX


Many companies wonder whether upgrading their current telephone infrastructure is a worthwhile investment. It may happen that the systems do not work as expected or that they become obsolete quickly, which could have a direct impact on both customer service and profits. Switching to a more sustainable and economic solution can be a big challenge in today’s competitive environment.

Both technology and the needs of companies are constantly evolving. That’s why the Hosted PBX service provides businesses with an easy-to-use and update telephone system, without the investment or the added maintenance/repair responsibility. In addition, companies can improve their:

Productivity and Collaboration
Integrated telephone service, centralized management and enhanced features will increase your employees’ performance.
A highly flexible technology allows you to adjust the service according to the needs and requirements of your business.
Reduce capital investment and lower communication costs with packages that essentially respond to the service contracted.
Network operations by the provider
Eliminates network administration tasks and allows companies to streamline their IT and technology operations.
Remote data backup
Our solutions allow you to continue operating your business even in adverse conditions.
Internet protocol (IP) technology.
Internet protocol (IP) technology
This is a fast and inexpensive way to scale and expand your services to new locations and branches or to employees working remotely.

Easy to use

The Hosted PBX service connects your calls via Internet without the need to acquire new equipment.

Advanced attributes

Remote office, call forwarding, unified messages and a web portal for administration, among others. 


This solution provides more capabilities for employees who work outside the office.