An integrated approach to security while protecting and simplifying your operation. The Security-as-a-Service model provides integrated security features and technical support, without the hassle of you managing in-house data security systems.

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) model can offer data security services on premise and or, over the Internet. While traditional data security systems are designed, managed and need to be supervised by a company’s IT department, in the Security-as-a-Service model, businesses outsource those tasks, maintenance and updates as a service. Either On-Premise, in the Cloud or with a hybrid solution, the biggest advantage for a company is the tranquility of having their network secure and protected from intrusion real time, from a trusted partner backed by a mission critical team with expert knowledge in the field

Data Security is a Must

Protecting information assets is a priority for all enterprises — be that because of compliance requirements or because of the need to protect sensitive, proprietary data. The challenge for most businesses is implementing sound security practices while keeping investments and operational costs contained and maintaining a profitable operation.

Through our SECaaS solution, we help business comply with security, confidentiality and risk management standards, with tools like:

  • Data encryption protocols
  • Login and password protocols
  • Record protection systems
  • Secured physical access to our network and command center
  • Business continuity plans, to reduce risks related to disasters and emergencies.

Security Features

With WorldNet’s SECaaS, outsourcing does not mean you are on your own. Quite the opposite. Our experts make sure that you take advantage of our cumulative security expertise, which is greater than what’s typically available from a regular SECaaS provider.

SECaaS gives you thorough planning of security strategies and information gathering, so you always know what is going on with your network. Security policies and filters are aligned and unified for a stronger shield of data protection. Centralized security controls give you peace of mind, since you can have control of processes in your system.

In addition, our system is designed for constant virus definition updates, as well as for swiftly identifying negative trends in your network. As with other WorldNet services, it uses state-of-the-art Cloud-based technology, providing you with wide online security control reachability.

Easy Management and Reporting

Security as a Service provides for faster provisioning service and support is always at your reach. It saves you time and money by dealing with administrative tasks, such as log management, on your behalf. Thus, your IT staff can spend valuable time on business related and mission critical activities. Nevertheless, whenever you want to monitor the service, a Web interface allows in-house administration of some tasks, as well as a view of the security environment and on-going activities. Security monitoring, supervision and maintenance are centralized. In addition, dynamic performance monitoring generates effective, simple and actionable reports.