Reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of your business with virtualization technologies

Business Challenges

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to increase profit margins and competitive advantage. However, keeping pace with constant change and managing business growth can be a real challenge. Companies that effectively leverage virtual technologies increase employee’s productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Operational Capabilities

Keeping IT systems up and running and providing consistent and reliable access to business-critical applications at all times is essential for business success. Evolving technology and rapid data growth are pushing older IT infrastructure to the limit—demanding more bandwidth, greater security and higher availability without increasing costs. Virtual servers can help businesses achieve:

  • Cost Reduction: Organizations can reduce operational costs by consolidating physical equipment, simplifying management tasks and reducing complex processes.
  • Faster time-to-market by allowing faster deployment of services and on-demand request and expansions.
  • Increased Efficiency: Using virtual servers supports standardization of companies, ensures a faster and more efficient IT department to meet your business needs.

WorldNet’s Virtual Servers

Using the latest technology for cloud services offering, WorldNet Cloud Direct℠ platform delivers a complete solution for virtual computing services to meet your organization operational and business needs. Our complete solution includes:

  • Robust Infrastructure: Our cloud server infrastructure allows companies conserve space through equipment consolidation and redundancy without purchasing additional hardware.

  • Resources on-demand located in the cloud infrastructure and remote access from devices such as: laptops, smartphones and tablets.

  • Full System Recovery: WorldNet’s Virtual Servers integrates a business continuity solution to assure the security of your data by employing advanced recovery tools to minimize downtime.


  • No capital expense or maintenance costs
  • Added security provided by virtualization
  • Dynamic scaling