Business Challenges

Many business leaders are struggling with the decision on whether to upgrade their current phone system infrastructure or not. Is it worth the investment? The systems may not deliver as promised or quickly become obsolete which will have a direct impact on customer service and revenue. Switching to a more sustainable and affordable solution may seem a real challenge in today’s competitive environment.

Operational Capabilities

Technology and companies’ needs are constantly evolving, which is why Hosted PBX service provides businesses with an easy to use and upgradable phone service without the investment and responsibility of maintaining and repairing equipment. Besides, companies will be able to enhance:

  • Productivity & Collaboration:Integrated telephony, centralized management and enhanced functionalities that will boost your employees’ performance.
  • Scalability: Having a highly-flexible technology enables you to customize your service according to your business needs and requirements.
  • Profitability: Reduce capital expenses (CAPEX) and lower the cost of communications since offerings are essentially service-based.

WorldNet’s Hosted PBX

WorldNet’s Hosted PBX service allows businesses to get similar phone services as they would from a traditional PBX, but as a hosted service. Companies can save money every month over traditional phone services and keep employees more productive. Some of the attributes that includes the solution are:

  • Carrier-based network operations: This service removes the task of network management and allows businesses to streamline IT operations.
  • Remote data backup: Our solution allows you to keep your business running, even under adverse conditions.
  • IP Technology: Economical and fast way to extend services to new locations, branch offices and remote workers.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of Use: Hosted PBX delivers your calls over the Internet without the need of getting new hardware or complex tasks.
  • Advanced Features: Remote office, call forward, unified messaging, Web Portal for management, among others.
  • IP Technology: The solution provides capabilities for on-the-go employees.
Feature Basic User Standard Seat Premium Seat
$9.85 $14.95 $24.95
Caller ID
with Name
Speed Dial
Short Codes
Intercom Codes
Automatic Recall
Call Back
Multiple Call
Call Waiting
Call Fowarding – Unconditional
Call Hold
Call Transfer
Three Way Calling
Do Not
Call Pickup
Call Manager
Incoming Call Fowarding/Rejection
User CommPortal
Business Administration CommPortal
Busy Lamp Field – Line State Monitoring
Voicemail (VM to
Find Me / Follow Me
Unified Communication
KIUMI For Android, Desktop and iPhone
Video Call – KIUMI to KIUMI
Call Jump
Call Screening
Share line Appearance
Simulatenous Ring

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