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Recommendations for Puerto Rico

The New Zealand's and United States' models offer valuable ideas on how to improve the procurement process of the Government of Puerto Rico but need to be tailored to the local culture. The primary changes needed to transform Puerto Rico are in two areas: making selections on total value per dollar instead of price and [...]

January, 2017|

The U.S. model for reform

Like New Zealand, the United States government also transitioned away from a lowest-cost bidder approach for technology and other complex purchases in the 1970s. Leaders recognized that straight low cost bidding was too often not producing the best solution to solve issues and improve government service. The U.S. now uses the Performance Based Acquisition method, [...]

January, 2017|

New Zealand’s model for reform

New Zealand’s approach is a good place to start. The island nation shifted its approach to procurement after a fiscal crisis in the 1970s and 1980s.

December, 2016|

How Puerto Rico’s bidding system differs from more efficient models

Many lawmakers and financial experts do not have first-hand knowledge of how Puerto Rico’s bidding process works.

December, 2016|

WorldNet Helps You Protect Your Clients’ Data, and Yours

Data protection is key to all business types, and essential to industries with security requirements established by law.

June, 2016|

Top three reasons businesses are investing in BYOD

Telecommunications and data services have grown increasingly important to business success in the past decade. When businesses deploy telecommunications solutions, they need to think of all of their needs to ensure they are getting the most out of these services. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now essential tools in a business environment [...]

April, 2016|

Distance Learning Grows Steadily

When at first schools and colleges began offering virtual classes and distance learning, the options were limited. They were basically aimed at people interested in a degree but with time constraints. Today, distance learning is a key service in institutions that understand the mindset of today's students and who see the potential for enrollment growth. [...]

April, 2016|

Using Technology to Foster Educational Advancement

La tecnología sigue abriéndose paso en el mundo de la educación, facilitando oportunidades para optimizar presupuestos y alcance – y mantener al estudiante motivado.

November, 2015|

Project management: the most overlooked factor in the ROI for telecom projects

While many businesses wish selecting a telecommunications service provider was as easy as finding the right price and flipping a switch, the fact of the matter is that the process is rarely that simple.

January, 2015|

Businesses are adopting the cloud worldwide at an alarming pace: What all businesses should know before making the investment

The use of cloud services in businesses both big and small is exploding all around the World. The cloud plays a pivotal role for many businesses, improving competitiveness, controlling expenses and increasing productivity.

January, 2015|