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How to Revamp Puerto Rico’s Procurement System to Speed Economic Reform

The Government of Puerto Rico currently faces the worst fiscal crises in decades, if not ever. Financing alternatives have been shut down and fewer funds are coming in through taxes in the shrinking economy. After trying and failing to restructure $69 billion in debt the island owes to creditors and Puerto Rico’s previous governor Alejandro [...]

November, 2016|

Choosing the right telecommunications solution for your business

Technology buying is a challenge for many business leaders. Whether choosing cloud computing services, software or faster Internet access, many companies get paralyzed with too many choices, and the cost of doing nothing can be very high.

July, 2015|

The Impact of Cloud – The Economist

Cloud computing has already made huge waves in the technology industry. Consumer cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox have changed the way people think about digital content and how to use it. In the enterprise sector, cloud deployment is increasingly the preferred option, no longer the niche use case.

January, 2015|

The Future is Now: Leveraging the Right Technology Solution to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Your hard drive just crashed and you have a critical deadline in less than six hours. You use your smart phone to call in for technical support. The agent immediately answers the phone, recognizes you by name and knows exactly what model you have.

January, 2015|

Cloud impacts and outcomes for business leaders: Ten ways business will change

Cloud computing has many meanings to many people, and there is an abundance of research that associates the cloud with cost reduction and agility. For the vast majority, cloud research has neither accurately captured the types of change within businesses, nor the impact on business outcomes.

January, 2015|