Basic Best for startup and small businesses that need basic Telephony, Internet and Cloud services. Advanced Best for companies that want to leverage technology to drive growth and expansion. Premium Best for high capacity users who require the technology to accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage.
A two-way telephone transmission allowing conversations among two or more parties.
Business Telephone Line:
 Voice Line/ Usage on Demand
 Voice Line/ Unlimited Usage
 Minute Bundles
 Call Features:
  Voice Mail
  Basic Call Features
  411 Restrictions
  Remote Call Forward
  Line Restrictions
  Simultaneos Ring
  Accounting Codes
Digital Telephone Services:
  Sip Trunk Line
  ISDN PRI - Cooper
  ISDN PRI - Fiber
A two way machine to machine transmission used to exchage information.
Dedicated Data Transport
  EFM (Ethernet over copper)
  T-1 (1.544 mgbts)
  Dedicated Wireless
Data on Demand (Ethernet through fiber)
A type of data connection used to access the Word Wide Web.
High Speed Internet - DSL
Wireless USB (Mobility)
Dedicated Internet Services:
  EFM (Ethernet over copper)
  Dedicated Wireless
High Capacity Internet Service through fiber
A delivery of hosted sevices over the Internet.
Virtual Servers
Disaster Recovery
Security as a Service
Hosted IP PBX Solutions
   KIUMI (Unified Communications)
Exchange Services
Web Hosting
A delivery of IT services to solve business problems.
IT Consulting
Security as a Service (on premise)
Network Monitoring
Advanced Education Solution
Data Analytics
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