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Achieve More By Always Staying Connected

Current economy conditions demand from businesses to leverage technology in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Apart of being convenient in terms of operations, it is crucial to focus technology investment on maximizing team’s capacity to produce more effectively. KIUMI, WorldNet’s most recent unified communications solution, is designed with that purpose in mind so the [...]

March, 2017|

Unified Communications: From Novelty to Standard Business Procedure

To keep their telecommunication services up to date, organizations must evolve to unified communications. The term ‘unified communications’ refers to a group of functionalities that, when combined, maximizes all of an organization’s telecommunications services. This approach is here to stay. The advantages of unified communications become evident in a world in constant evolution. In times [...]

March, 2017|

KIUMI a WorldNet Solution

KIUMI is a cloud-based app that delivers fully integrated and reliable functions at an affordable price. Your working life moves constantly from desk to laptop to mobile smart phone to tablet. Now you can use all the features of your WorldNet’s phone services from any device whether at your desk, at home or on the [...]

March, 2017|

KIUMI: Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere

Today’s organizations can remain constantly connected, accessible and available for its clients, thanks to the evolution of unified communication systems. This is no longer an exclusive feature of big companies with large telecommunication budgets, as there is a wider variety of these systems in different ranges -- many of them stored in the cloud. KIUMI, [...]

February, 2017|

WorldNet improves Hosted PBX service with KIUMI

Provides added value in Cloud-based Internet telephony with unified communication features SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, February 9, 2017- WorldNet Telecommunications, Inc., a Puerto Rican telecommunications company providing commercial and industrial services, continues improving its Cloud-based telephony services (Hosted PBX) with KIUMI, a product that adds unified communication features. “KIUMI is a unified communications product hosted [...]

February, 2017|

Recommendations for Puerto Rico

The New Zealand's and United States' models offer valuable ideas on how to improve the procurement process of the Government of Puerto Rico but need to be tailored to the local culture. The primary changes needed to transform Puerto Rico are in two areas: making selections on total value per dollar instead of price and [...]

January, 2017|

The U.S. model for reform

Like New Zealand, the United States government also transitioned away from a lowest-cost bidder approach for technology and other complex purchases in the 1970s. Leaders recognized that straight low cost bidding was too often not producing the best solution to solve issues and improve government service. The U.S. now uses the Performance Based Acquisition method, [...]

January, 2017|

New Zealand’s model for reform

New Zealand’s approach is a good place to start. The island nation shifted its approach to procurement after a fiscal crisis in the 1970s and 1980s.

December, 2016|

20% off on Web Security against Cyber Threats

Manage the Security of your Business against Cyber Threats 20% off on Web Security against Cyber Threats Discount applies to a 12 month contract of Premium Web Filtering licensing per device. Service applies for mobile or desktop devices. Not applicable with other offers. After the required twelve (12) months of contract, the regular price of [...]

December, 2016|

How Puerto Rico’s bidding system differs from more efficient models

Many lawmakers and financial experts do not have first-hand knowledge of how Puerto Rico’s bidding process works.

December, 2016|