More Value. Less Hassle.

KIUMI is a cloud-based app that delivers fully integrated and reliable functions at an affordable price.

Take your Office Anywhere!

Your working life moves constantly from desk to laptop to mobile smart phone to tablet. Now you can use all the features of your
WorldNet’s phone services from any device whether at your desk, at home or on the move.

Your WorldNet phone service can be used to make or receive calls from your desk phone, your PC or Mac and your mobile
devices. Look up your contacts, make and receive voice or video calls or chat with colleagues, no matter which device you are
using or where you are.

By using fix and mobile devices to access over the top, rich communications and collaboration services, businesses will take advantage of new revenue streams and gain customer loyalty while increasing employee productivity.

With KIUMI you can seamlessly move from device to device, or from cellular to Wi-Fi, even in the middle of a call. Now you can work from anywhere, with all the features you value so much when you’re in the office, and all connected to your office phone number.

Save Time, Do More

These are just a few of the things you can do with KIUMI on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC when it is paired with your WorldNet desk phone service:

  • Call from anywhere
  • Receive calls on any device
  • Seamlessly transfer calls
  • Call Manager
  • Upgrade your calls to video


Main Features

  • Mobile & PC Clients
  • Call Control & Centralized Contacts
  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Desktop and Application Sharing
  • HD Voice and Video Calling
  • Easy to Use, Deploy, and Manage
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Ready for Business

KIUMI is integrated with your hosted suite of business services. You can use the same valuable services that you see from your office extension such as 4-digit dialing, auto attendant and automated call distribution. Isn’t it nice to have an integrated communications suite that’s ready for business?

Reliable, Secure Service

KIUMI is fully integrated into our advanced IP voice services network with reliable performance and great support. Your sensitive information is safeguarded with our industry standard security and privacy measures. When team members can work from anywhere, KIUMI becomes an important part of your business continuity strategy too.

Re-imagine your Communications

KIUMI saves you time and helps you work and communicate more effectively– wherever you are. It’s time to get ahead with KIUMI!



Call us for more information on KIUMI and boost your personal productivity today: 787-705-9000.