Maximize your business productivity with WorldNet’s voice solutions. From digital telephone services to unified communications, WorldNet delivers superior voice services through proactive support and attentiveness to changes in customer demand.






Business Challenges

The backbone of any business is the ability to communicate. Great communication depends on reliability, uptime, service and support. Despite the constant changes in technology, voice communications are essential in day-to-day interactions.

Many businesses are facing several challenges such as: long installation times, expensive contracts and poor customer service. Choosing a trusted provider is key to make sure you get the right type of solution for your company.

Operational Capabilities

Today’s converged voice applications allow your business to be more responsive, make faster decisions and deliver greater value to your customers. When you maximize the voice solutions available in the market, you can achieve:

  • Higher profitability: Improved call success ratio and greater call-back rate to keep your business running without interruptions.

  • Powerful collaboration: Voice services delivered over the Internet to make and take calls wherever you are.
  • Efficiency: Maximize employee productivity by allowing them to work from different locations

WorldNet’s Voice Solutions

WorldNet prides itself on having the only 100% digital Voice over IP (VoIP) network in Puerto Rico– designed to provide multiple and simultaneous services through one single platform.

  • Business telephone lines with advanced features such as: audio conference, 3 way calling and auto responder
  • Unified messaging that improves collaboration and efficiency
  • Digital telephone services – including SIP trunk lines and Integrated Services Digital Network

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for fast and reliable communication
  • Digital Voice over IP (VoIP) network provides multiple services in a single platform
  • Advanced features – access to a huge range of voice features to make the most of your calls

Business Telephone Line:

  • Voice Line / Usage on demand
  • Voice Line / Unilimited usage
  • Minute bundles

Call Features:

  • Voice Mail
  • Basic Call Features
  • 411 restriction
  • Remote Call Foward
  • Line Restriction
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Accounting
  • Digital Telephone Services
  • Sip Trunk Line
  • ISDN PRI – Cooper
  • ISDN PRI – Fiber