Integrating several telecommunications services in a transparent and swift manner is already possible. Businesses of any size and industry type can enable better interactions by combining several telecommunications services through Unified Communications (UC).

UC allows for big and small companies from almost any industry to combine services such as:

  • Call from anywhere
  • Receive calls on any device
  • Seamlessly transfer calls
  • Call Manager
  • Upgrade your calls to video
  • Integrate your contacts
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Conference calls
  • Chat
  • Softphone for your PC

With UC, growth opportunities expands, as Unified Communications improves and increases interactions with clients while opening the lines for better collaboration between employees and partners in different locations. Besides, UC is breaking the distance and time barriers so people can communicate in real time, while it streamlines processes. Thus, it allows for you to spend time focusing on growing your business.

Unified Communications is accessible for multiple devices – from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Depending on the needs of the business, it also allows changing from one device to the other with no disruptions.

UC is all about combining communications services for the user to have easy access to all options, leveraging and maximizing their use. By consolidating services, it helps save time and reduces costs, which positively impacts the company’s ROI on telecommunications.