Personal and individual connection to the Internet: Mobility

WorldNet Mobility provides personal and individual connection to the Internet with a simple, reliable and ideal solution for you. A compact and private modem connects you everywhere and at any time. You can also share your Internet with others when necessary, through secure and reliable access.

Why WorldNet Mobility?

Protect your data
Data theft through public Wi-Fi connections is easier and more common than we think. WorldNet Mobility has the most up-to-date and advanced security protocols to ensure your data is protected. WorldNet Mobility offers you the peace of mind of making secure transactions and shipments through a private connection. You will not need to use public Wi-Fi.
Simple and Accessible
Just plug it in and it’s ready: it’s as simple as that. With WorldNet Mobility you improve your connectivity to the world, increase your productivity and make your life easier. Convenience is priceless. WorldNet Mobility offers several packages that you can adapt to the specific needs of your business.
Convenient and reliable
Sometimes you urgently need an Internet connection. With WorldNet Mobility you can connect whenever you want and wherever, without relying on a public connection. This is particularly crucial for sending documents, emails or to find important information when you are in an area with no Wi-Fi connection available.
Ideal for working outside the office
WorldNet Mobility is the perfect solution for professionals who leave the office frequently and need to connect to the Internet constantly. You will be prepared, and connected, to attend to any situation through secure and fast access from anywhere.


The broadband service WorldNet Mobility allows you to use the 4GLTE network of the outsourced provider by WorldNet Telecommunications, Inc. in Puerto Rico to wirelessly access the Internet in the areas where 4GLTE service coverage is offered. This service can be used with 4GLTE products approved by WorldNet. With the WorldNet Mobility service, you can not make or receive phone calls, send text messages, send or receive MMS (Multi Media Service) or any other service that is not a data service. WorldNet is not responsible for the use and / or content accessed using the Internet service through WorldNet 4GLTE products such as: (1) inappropriate content for children under age, offensive and indecent content, (2) low confidence or inaccurate. Regular cost of activation is $ 50.00. The 4G LTE Mobile Internet service is not available for use outside of Puerto Rico. The maximum monthly consumption varies depending on the service requested between 5GB, 10GB, 20GB and 40GB in the bandwidth of the 4G LTE service. If the capacity limit of the requested service is exceeded, it will not be suspended but will operate at a speed of 1X until the beginning of the next cycle.