WorldNet offers a wide array of data solutions, enabling your company to build efficient networks that transport large amounts of data quickly. By providing greater bandwidth for transporting data, WorldNet works with you to determine which option is the best fit for your business strategy.

Business Challenges

The growing volume of information and the demand for faster applications has created the need for reliable communication tools that enable collaboration and boost business efficiency. Many companies are concerned with their current infrastructure’s ability to keep pace and effectively transfer large amounts of data.

Are you ready for seasonal spikes in data usage? Is your data really safe and accessible when you need it? These are some of the questions you might have as you look for dependable data services.

Operational Capabilities

The demand for faster applications has stimulated technological evolution on data carrying methods. Companies who maximize data tools available in the market can improve:

Security: upgrade customer service by enhancing data transmittal security.
Productivity: access data without interruptions to maximize productivity.

Efficiency: maximize employee efficiency by allowing them to work from different locations.


  • Dedicated Data Transport
  • EFM (Ethernet over cooper)
  • T-1 (1,544 mgbts)
  • Fiber
  • MPLS
  • Dedicated Wireless
  • Data on Demand (Ethernet though fiber)

Island Footprint

Complete island footprint through fiber, copper and wireless

Broad Bandwidth

Broad bandwidth to manage high volumes of data and handle security breaches

High-Speed Transmittal

High-speed transmittal, unlimited access and 24-hour service