Sync, update and protect your documents

ShareSync is WorldNet’s new service for organizations that are looking to protect their documents while at the same time having the flexibility to share and update them in real time.

Located in the Cloud, WorldNet ShareSync allows you to:

  • sync all documents to guarantee that you are always working with the most recent version
  • update backed-up files, with the option of restoring a file to a specific point in time
  • protect your documents with a safe system
  • share those files that facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners

ShareSync’s features

  • Data encryption to
    guarantee protection while
    at rest and in-transit to the
  • Safe access to your
    documents from any device
    through the app website
  • Different access levels to
    share documents with
    company colleagues and
    with clients or partners
    outside the company
  • Available for several devices
    and operational systems

WorldNet offers a new interconnection and collaboration tool under one single account. Contact us for more details.