About Puerto Rico’s Telecommunications Infrastructure

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, for Act 20/22 Investors

In 2012 legislators signed Act 20/22, two sister bills created to boost the economy by attracting foreign investment to Puerto Rico. These bills provide incentives to investors and corporations to relocate their headquarters to Puerto Rico in return for significantly reduced taxes on long-term capital gains, dividends, interest, earnings, profit and property for the next 20 years. With such extraordinary savings, Puerto Rico has turned into a very attractive destination for many entities that want to take advantage of the extraordinary tax benefits. In fact over 1,000 Act 20/22 individuals and companies have already moved to the Island.

Once here, many have discovered that the telecommunications and IT landscape is idiosyncratic and not as user friendly as in the Mainland big cities. In working with various Act20/22 immigrants in 2014 we recognized that many have similar concerns and questions. Therefore in an effort to facilitate an easier transition we have developed this FAQ to provide answers to many of the questions others like you have asked.

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