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Policy statement and purpose

Since its foundation in 1996, WorldNet has always made an effort to operate as a responsible corporate citizen, as demonstrated by our internal communications practices, recycling programs, and donations to community projects. The purpose of this policy is to ensure WorldNet and its associates consistently operate in a way that: a) minimizes negative impacts to society and the environment and b) nurtures the development of both the business community and our geographical community.

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Definition

WorldNet’s Social Responsibility Policy refers to the activities and responsibilities that WorldNet holds concerning our impact on others and the natural environment. This includes issues relating to natural resources, human rights, labor practices, organizational governance, fair business practices, community involvement, social development, and consumer issues.

This Policy is based on our mission and vision:


Develop and nurture relationships –with clients, each other and our community– that create prosperity through technological solutions and through living our values.


Prosperity from Caring in Action


This Policy applies to all WorldNet directors, officers and employees. WordNet employees will adopt the Corporate Social Responsibility considerations described in this policy into their day-to-day work activities. WorldNet leaders will act as role models by incorporating those considerations into decision-making in all business activities. WorldNet leaders will ensure that appropriate organizational structures are in place to effectively identify, monitor, and manage Corporate Social Responsibility issues and performance relevant to our businesses.  

Corporate Governance

WorldNet is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of our business, and to ensuring our affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Corporate governance should be aimed at:

  1. improving the overall efficiency of the company;
  2. enhancing all services to customers;
  3. increasing the level of well-being for employees;
  4. doing business with partners, allies and suppliers who share the vision embodied by our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Natural Resources

Our policy regarding our planet’s natural resources should guide our actions so that we:

  1. ensure our business complies with all relevant environmental legislation and mandatory standards, and follow best practices when there is no applicable legislation;
  2. consider the environmental impacts of our products and services throughout their full life cycle, including any disposal impacts;
  3. ensure resources are not wasted and that, so far as is reasonably practicable, materials and goods are reused or recycled –with the disposal of any remaining waste occurring in a responsible manner.

Our People

As for our team members, WorldNet will ensure that work performed on our behalf, either directly or indirectly, is done within the appropriate legal and institutional practices. This includes:

  1. avoiding unfair discrimination in our employment practices;
  2. providing decent conditions of work for all our employees;
  3. investing in our employees skills development;
  4. ensuring individuals performing work for WorldNet do so within a recognized employment relationship or are legitimately self employed;
  5. making sure work done on our behalf is performed in a healthy and safe working environment.

As part of our team spirit, we foster solidarity and support towards team members in need due to health issues or special circumstances affecting their families.

Also, we value internal communication processes as a tool to share our values with all team members and help them in living those values.

Our Community

WorldNet maintains a strong level of community involvement as an organization, and it also encourages employees to actively participate in community affairs.

Our commitment to Puerto Rico should include:

  1. investing in community affairs and functions;
  2. supporting education for the advancement of persons and communities, particularly regarding technology.
  3. corporate volunteer services in different fields of actions, specially in cultivating IT knowledge and skills among young and disadvantaged citizens;
  4. evaluating requests for support for meaningful causes, using a predetermined process.

Our current support to education can go from scholarships to internships at our premises, and other initiatives.

In addition, as a provider of essential telecommunications services, WorldNet aims at providing high service levels in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies. During such periods the full support of all employees of WorldNet is expected in coping with the emergency.

As part of renovating our donations and sponsorship policy, WorldNet’s contribution priorities will steer to:

  1. Access to education for individuals and communities in need; particularly, but not exclusively, technology education.
  2. Access to technology for communities or nonprofit organizations who serve communities and populations in need.
  3. Other efforts aimed at community strengthening; organizing community projects; community development/entrepreneurship and shared prosperity.

WorldNet will not sponsor or make donations to:

  1. Organizations not registered at Puerto Rico Department of State.
  2. Political or religious causes.
  3. Individual participation in events or fundraisers, such as walk-a-thons, scout projects, fundraising sporting events.

Based on merit, WorldNet might choose to favor a specific request not necessarily aligned to these priorities. This would be considered a special exception, as the contribution priorities will be given preference.

WorldNet reserves the right to deny any donation request. It also reserves the right to ask for additional information about the individual or the project in case (for example: referral letters from a professor or professional peer; letter of acceptance to an academic or educational program; formal proposal for a research project, etc.).


This policy applies to WorldNet Telecommunication, Inc.

Original effective date

January 1, 2016

Date last revised

January 1, 2016

Responsible party

The WorldNet Marketing Director is responsible for administering and amending this policy. For amending this policy the Marketing Director will need the Human Resources Director approval.

WorldNet has deep roots in the Puerto Rican community, so it supports local causes and works closely with organizations that serve businesses and entrepreneurs.


We support the following organizations: