Current economy conditions demand from businesses to leverage technology in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Apart of being convenient in terms of operations, it is crucial to focus technology investment on maximizing team’s capacity to produce more effectively.

KIUMI, WorldNet’s most recent unified communications solution, is designed with that purpose in mind so the user can make a better investment of time. It is a platform that synchronizes all communication devices, making it easier to manage phone calls, three-way calls, video calls, instant messaging and document sharing.

As an example, let’s say a client calls you at your cell phone with a rather long purchase order – and your battery is almost out of charge. Since you have KIUMI installed in all of your devices, you transfer the call to your desk phone. The call goes on longer than expected and you have to go to a meeting; so you transfer the call to your tablet and continue with the conversation on your way to the conference room. The result is a satisfied client who got all your attention with zero interruptions, and a closed sale: Productivity at its highest expression.

How Does KIUMU Help Improve Productivity?

  • There is no need to interrupt a conversation: transfer calls to other devices seamlessly, without leaving loose ends. Avoid having to make another call later to finish business, and the risk of your client not being available at that point in time.
  • Start the call from any place and any device. Low battery levels in your smart phone? No need to worry: generate the call from your tablet.
  • Need to include a third person in the call? Want to turn it into a conference call? Need to put the call on hold? No need to reach your desk to make these changes. KIUMI provides all these options, from any device.
  • Keep a chat window open and functional while having a conversation through the same device. This is perfect for when a client asks for a product and you need to check your inventory without disconnecting the call.
  • Be accessible at a moment’s notice even for contacts that only have your office phone number. Reduce the risk of missing important calls by getting them at all devices connected to KIUMI.

KIUMI is a simple and effective solution that increases business and employee productivity. For more information about this platform, call WorldNet at 787-705-9000.