Mech-Tech College is one of the leading post secondary institutions in Puerto Rico, specializing in technical courses and associates degrees. It has headquarters in Caguas and campuses in Hato Rey, Bayamón, Vega Baja, Mayagüez, Ponce and Orlando, Florida.

The school has a student body of 2,789, in academic programs covering Computer Systems; Electrical Technology; Tinsmith, Bodywork and Painting; Refrigeration; and Racecar Mechanics. It also manages a successful program for racecar transmission at the Mech-Tech Race Track, located at the El Tuque Tourism Complex in Ponce.

Client’s Needs:

The technical education market is a very competitive one. Mech-Tech’s goal was to rapidly go into the racing mechanics niche and, at the same time, develop and promote its racecar transmission project.

To further the institution’s growth, it had to face the challenge of strengthening the brand, improving competitiveness and identifying ways of generating new income – by not only attracting new students but improving the experience of those already served by Mech-Tech.


Mech-Tech’s IT team and WorldNet’s experts acknowledged the institution’s needs and made a thorough diagnostic of the technological infrastructure, as to make cost-effective and efficient recommendations. The result was a proposal tailored to particular needs that allowed them to align the technology to the new business growth strategies.

Regarding security, the team pinpointed the need for an Internet access structure that made it possible to constantly monitor operations at each of the locations through the institution’s security cameras system. At the same time, such structure allowed for the optimization of a project for transmitting races via Internet.

As for academics, the opportunity was found to widen the online courses menu, as well as improving the user’s experience when registering via Internet. The project needed to provide guarantees of minimal service interruption and constant technical support.

Once the client approved the project’s design, we proceeded to install and configure all needed high-performance equipment that will manage high traffic of data and will allow for the addition of future services.

For voice services, we installed three digital lines (PRI), 42 business lines (POTS) and an 800 number.

Bandwidth was increased from 6 to 50 Mb, carried via fiber to Mech-Tech’s six locations. Redundancy for voice, data and Internet was tripled.

To take care of the security needs, a very sophisticated system was installed. This allows the client to have remote access and monitor their network 24 hours a day. It also sends alerts in case of service interruption.

Without any doubt, adequate analysis from Mech-Tech’s IT team and WorldNet’s experts lead us to identifying the specific technological solutions to improve Mech-Tech’s competitiveness in harmony with its business goals.


After installation and configuration of all solutions, Mech-Tech has an advanced technological structure characterized by its efficiency and reliability.

The increase in bandwidth allowed them to improve general operations at all their locations, as well as user experience. It also provided operational savings of approximately $38,600.00 per year, and an estimated increase of $341,000 in online courses – increasing profit margins and strengthening the organization.

On the other hand, the highly sophisticated security cameras system has made the locations safer for students, employees and visitors.

At the end, Mech-Tech solidifies its leadership in a very competitive industry and positions itself as one of the post secondary education institutions with state-of-the-art technology.

“Beyond a service supplier, Mech-Tech sees WorldNet as a business partner. Its team’s experience and quality of service has gone beyond our expectations as they achieved perfect harmony between technological structure and business goals. We now have an extraordinary competitive advantage that is already impacting our economic and operational growth”, said Mech-Tech’s president Edwin Colón.